Great, Another Writer

Hi there! I'm Rick. I'm an aspiring author who is finally taking my first steps toward becoming a full-time author. Working a job, I hate every day is just something I can't do anymore. I'm ready to take a leap and follow my dreams.

I have been him-hawing around the dream of becoming a full-time author for years. The courage to even place it into my mental landscape came one afternoon when my wife and I were on a hike.

You see, my wife is not a traditional thinker. Or maybe I should say, she doesn't think like an "artist." She is one of those technical people who can instinctively set her mind to something and eliminate any potential roadblocks that would jeopardize her mission.

As we were walking, the conversation about dream jobs came up. She asked me what I would do if I could do anything. It took me less than two seconds to tell her that I would be a full-time author. Being her usual self, she said, "Well, just work on it, and once you figure out how to make money, you can go ahead and quit your job." Then, she kept right on walking.

Naturally, I froze in place and waited for my head to stop spinning. I couldn't believe that my wife would actually support me quitting my job to pursue a career as a writer. I mean, how cliche is that? Lucky for me, we were deep in a trail, and she had no choice but listen to me clarify the agreement for the next five miles.

After that conversation, I realized there are two types of people. The ones who live in fear: me, maybe you. And the ones who don't believe in roadblocks and just go for it. I have always been the former. But I no longer want to be.

That was a few years ago now, and I've done absolutely nothing in the interest of furthering my dream. Now, I know what you're thinking: If my special person told me I could quit my job the minute I learned to monetize my dream, I would do it in a heartbeat! But that's what living in fear does to you. It gives you outs, and it gives you reasons to create excuses.

I'm not sure what shifted in my brain, but in the last few weeks, I've felt that desire to leave my job more and more. It's become almost unbearable to think that I am not living my true purpose.

So, I sat down and guess what I did...I started writing. One, then two, then three chapters. Before I knew it, I was 10,000 words into my novel, and I'm still going.

Again, I'm one of those "fear" people we talked about, so I started to panic and wondered how long it would be before the magic wore off. I needed to keep the momentum going, which is when I hatched the idea for this blog.